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Freelance Digital Marketer

Greetings, I am Sreehari AP, a professional Freelance Digital Marketer hailing from Calicut, Kerala.

I am equipped to deliver a vast array of digital marketing services aimed at propelling your enterprise to greater heights. My areas of proficiency encompass the optimization of Search Engines Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Advertising (SEM), Content Creation, Social Media Strategy, E-Mail Marketing, and Website Development.


What is Digital Marketing All About?

Digital marketing is an innovative approach to reaching potential customers via the internet. This method integrates a diverse range of digital channels, such as e-mails, websites, and social media platforms, to advertise a business’s offerings. Utilizing SEO, SEM, and social media marketing strategies enables firms to precisely target their desired clientele.

Why Opt for a Freelance Digital Marketer?

As one of the fastest-growing industries today, digital marketing has caught the attention of businesses worldwide. When compared to conventional marketing tactics, digital marketing offers cost-efficiency and a broader customer reach. A seasoned digital marketer can aid companies in recognizing their ideal audience and provide customized digital solutions to overcome marketing obstacles.

How May I be of Assistance?

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Web Design & Development.

An alluring website holds the capacity to engross its audience in an effective manner. Allow me to aid in crafting a website that aligns with your venture objectives while encompassing your singular flair.

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Social Media Promotion.

Social Media Promotion, or SMM, refers to the means of promoting your business through various social media channels. I can elevate your exposure by judiciously exploiting the appropriate platforms.

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Photography Services

With the progression of smartphones and the convenience of instant image sharing, photography has transformed into a critical aspect of digital marketing. I can help you harness this mighty tool to your advantage.

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Search Engine Visibility.

Enhancing the visibility of your website through Search Engine Optimization, or SEO involves ranking it higher on search engine results pages. As a digital marketing strategist, I can guide you in achieving improved rankings by adhering to Google's regulations.

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Branding Solutions

Branding encompasses the art of creating a unique identity for your product or business by connecting it to a specific name, symbol, or set of qualities and concepts. Let me aid you in forging a strong brand image.

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E-Mail Marketing

Is the practice of focusing on both your current and potential clients, and it aims the expansion of your firm. Email can be used to convey advertisement. Increasing brand recognition is a crucial task for any company

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Content Marketing

The process of Creating, producing and distributing relevant, concise, and valuable content is known as content marketing. It helps in enchanting, involving and maintain the targeted audience